Water Leak Detector With Flat Sensor 00701


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  • NO ELECTRICIAN needed to install
  • NO BLUETOOTH (No failure due to blackout)
  • Detects water and sounds loud 85 dB alarm
  • Sensor and alarm can be placed up to 6 feet apart
  • Space-saving design
  • Install battery easily with slide and snap cover
  • The flat sensor is weighted and designed to use on horizontal surfaces such as floors, air conditioning pans, and under refrigerators and sinks, etc.
  • Includes alarm mounting hardware
  • Packaging designed to display on a peg hook
  • Circuit test button ensures the system is working
  • Low battery signal tells the user when it’s time to replace the battery
  • Warns of leaks and overflows in the bath, kitchen, laundry, attic, basement, or anywhere there is a potential for leaks to occur.
  • Alerts user within hearing range that water has reached the desired level when used to monitor the filling of pools, tubs, sinks, aquariums and more
  • An ideal backup system for sump and bilge pumps in residential, commercial and marine applications

For leak detection:
Just place the sensor at the lowest point of the floor or other horizontal surface where water collects. The new weighted flat sensor makes it easier to lay flat in place. The alarm will sound if water bridges between the two contacts. The alarm can be on a table, shelf, or wall-mounted away from the sensor

For unattended filling of bathtubs, pools, spas, etc:
The sensor has a suction cup and to secure to any flat vertical surface. The buzzer will sound when the water reaches both metal contacts on the sensor

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1.4 × 2.4 × 3.8 cm


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